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What initially began as “Air-Magination” in Columbia, MO has evolved into the brand known today as Social Balloon Bar. Destiny & Dalton McKnight embarked on this venture amidst the global pandemic in 2020 when they saw a need for beautiful balloon decorations in Columbia, Missouri. Remarkably, the business experienced rapid growth within a short span of time prompting the need for additional support as they currently endeavor to expand the brand beyond Columbia.

While Social Balloon Bar remains committed to its growth within the Mizzou community, it eagerly anticipates venturing into new markets and establishing affiliates (franchises) in the years to come.

Meet Your Balloon Team

Destiny McKnight

Destiny - a spirited Texas woman with a vibrant personality, has a strong penchant for unleashing her creative energies. She thrives as a businesswoman, constantly seeking new horizons and nurturing their growth. Transitioning into the balloon industry was an obvious choice for Destiny and her family, recognizing the untapped potential across various markets where innovative ideas could flourish, provided the right team and expertise.

Destiny harbors ambitious aspirations for the SBB brand, steadfastly committed to guiding both her teams and clients towards the realization of unforgettable memories through the medium of balloon art. When she isn't immersed in the world of balloons, using them as a whimsical escape from reality, Destiny can be found cherishing precious moments with her family and indulging in well-deserved rest.

Dalton McKnight

Meet Dalton, a seasoned Midwesterner with a professional background in sales and account management. His quiet but impactful presence, coupled with his keen analytical mind, sets him apart as a formidable force. In our circle, we affectionately refer to him as the "balloon dad" for his hands-on involvement, scaling ladders, handling the heavy lifting, and ensuring your balloon garlands are securely anchored to surfaces, ensuring their longevity.
Dalton thrives on inventing fresh and innovative approaches to streamline balloon installations and enhance our company's efficiency. Beyond his balloon expertise, Dalton also leads our sister company, Social Neons, where he's leaving an indelible mark nationwide by delivering top-tier neon products for weddings, events, brick-and-mortar establishments, and more.

Dalton is brimming with enthusiasm for the promising future of both companies and is wholeheartedly dedicated to providing unwavering support in bringing your event to life!

Interested in starting your own SBB franchise?

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We're looking for creative minds to open a franchise in their area! Please contact us if you're interested!
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